(Acoustic Mineralization Process)

The Acoustic Mineralization Process in Parra Drums is a product of years of research, tests and technological development.

It consists of a reinterpretation of nature through a physical-chemical process which gives extra acoustic properties to wood, while respecting its natural sound.

The aging process of wood has two paths. One of them is the process of decaying when it comes in contact with soil (microorganisms) and water at the same time. The second one is the process in which it only comes in contact with water, its minerals, and the sun that evaporates such water. A perfect example of this would be a piece of fossilized wood, since it’s difficult to tell it apart between a plant and a mineral for its high level of mineralization. Another great example would be a Stradivarius violin that has been played by generations of musicians, where the mineralization of the wood that it’s made of has been governed by a sound, microscopically mutating this material to be more resonant to this type of vibrations each time than the ones he’s been accustomed to.

Parra Drums has taken these natural processes and created the AMP technology, developing its own formulas that combine, through vibration, precise amounts of minerals to give unique acoustic properties to its woods, amplifying the versatility of its sound, and thus offering a final product of unique quality that only Parra Drums can offer.


Material selection

The wood cuts that will give structure to the piece are selected in order to achieve the required sound.

Parra Drums’s hardware is unbreakable

Parra Drums works only with metals such as brass, copper, duralumin and high quality stainless steel in its pieces, with processes of lamination and extrusion that guarantee the absence of pores and internal flaws on the material.


Absolute precision in every cut

Puzzle Stave Shell Construction

Parra Drums builds only vertical stranded stave shells with coupling between blocks that will guarantee a better resistance and stability in sound.

High precision Machining process

Parra Drums designed its own machinery with high end technology in order to offer the cleanest and most precise shell, achieving in every single drum a unique piece that’s able to adapt to each client’s needs.


The external finish is made with high solid clear lacquer with UV protection.


The internal finish is made with cocoa butter and oil in such amounts that nourishes, but also allows the wood to mineralize itself.

Single Node tube lugs

lugs that move according to your sound


Every process is best achieved with specialized machinery


A Parra Drums unique design. It not only combines wood and metal, but it also creates an internal air bed in the shell, achieving extra body that can be felt even in the higher pitched tunes.

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